Style staple – White blouse

There are some items of clothing that I believe every wardrobe requires, whether you are a high powered working woman or a stay at home mother, some items are so versatile that they are a must.  The style staple.  The only thing that will differ from person to person is the cut and the fabric to suit them.  If I was a 6ft2 amazonian goddess I wouldn’t be wearing puff ball sleeve sheer silk blouse with pussy bow collar, just as if I was a 4ft11 size 16, I wouldn’t be wearing a double cuffed stiff cotton shirt, but isn’t this where the art lies after all?

You have to consider the detailing and the type of white before you choose the right blouse. Personally I like to be able to dress up and dress down a blouse.  One of my favourite spring looks is a tucked in soft white blouse with mid tone denim and a pair of brown heels.  It is effortless chic to me and you can alter all the accessories to fit the purpose.  This said, I’m also going to want a blouse in my wardrobe to be suitable for smarter occasions like a client meeting or lunch in town so I’m not going to go for the more causal cottons or linens.  A word of warning if you are comfortable showing off your bra under a blouse go for it but go for it with a black t-shirt bra, (unless its a night time seduction date with the other half). If you are not that brave, invest in a good flesh coloured t-shirt bra and try before you buy.  There is nothing worse than falling in love with a beautiful piece of clothing only to find that not only can you see your bra but also your belly button! Unless you’re Kate Moss circa 90’s you can’t pull it off.

When it comes to detailing have a think about collar and sleeve details, I prefer a collar to my blouses and if I’m going collarless I like a deep wide V to show off my collar bones. After having children these seem to be the only things not affected by stretch marks or cellulite.  I also have no bust (thanks again kids) so this distracts from the lack of boobage.  When it comes to sleeves I have monkey like long arms so I either need something that commits to being 3/4 length or something I can roll up. Unless I spend a small fortune, I’m not going to find sleeves long enough and it will instantly cheapen any garment.  Lastly buttons, don’t let them be a deal breaker, if you don’t like them or you feel it would look better with a different button don’t disregard it.  You can change a button easily and if you can, get your Mum a bottle of something nice and pull out the charm because she probably can faster.

Now the tone of white, without sounding like a quote from the play ‘Art’ there are different versions of white and depending on your colour you have to ensure you have chosen the right one.  If you find most whites make you look really washed out either head towards the creams/ivorys or break up the colour with a bold statement necklace and or bright lips.  In the winter I wouldn’t dare wear a white shirt without one of these otherwise I look like a smack head.  All you can see are two enormous dark circles under my eyes.  In summer however I am tanned and lucky enough that my skin goes a warm golden colour  so I can go for the more brilliant whites with little make-up.

So with these tips all in mind I had a hunt around through the drip fed s/s18 high street for some gems.  Here are my top 5.

Mango – Contrast trip blouse – £25.99

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.26.23.pngFor those of you with narrow shoulders you can get away with this one.  The addition of the pipping is keeping it very on trend for the spring and helps balance the silhouette and elongate the arms.

Reiss – Lilia Silk-chiffon blouse – £55.00 

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.48.10This is a gorgeous cut if you need to distract from broader shoulders or lack of boobs (if worn open).  This would also work beautifully with this years wider leg trousers or tailored shorts in the summer.

Warehouse – Long sleeve satin mix blouse – £36.00

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.25.27.pngIf you are a fan of accessorising this blouse allows you to go for it.  A simple cut for most body shapes and cut short enough that if worn un-tucked your not going to look like you have wide hips.

Boden – Silk blouse £98.00

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 13.29.03

This is an elegant, classic blouse that would really work on most figures with the right styling and being Boden I would imagine the quality would be good.

COS – Shirt with large pockets – £30.00

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 13.40.54This is a good alternative for the brilliant white and the pocket detailing is again a good distraction from problem areas.  The one thing I will say with Cos is if you are not used to their silhouettes get yourself to a store and try on some items that take your fancy,  they don’t pattern cut the same way as most high street shops and I like to think of Cos as a bit of an educations in clothes.  They have some exceptionally clever pieces every season but equally by the nature of the beast, this means you can make yourself look awful pretty easily too!

If you would like more shirt inspiration please head over to my Pinterest site.

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